The ATD Manure System

Recycles Flush and Wash waters to reduce handling costs and create a reserve for irrigation

The ATD Manure System takes the manure daily and after initial solids extraction for bedding or storage we will collect a concentrate of the Dissolved Solids with a stable Nitrogen fertilizer to storage while returning clean, disinfected, drinking quality water to the barns or optionally to your irrigation storage,

The volume recycled to the barns will result in a significantly lower demand on your daily fresh water source with no loss of nutrients or create an irrigation reserve at your current demand. We can arrange to upgrade your source of freshwater quality as well.

Example of a dairy farm irrigation option

Daily forecast   All solids stored above ground 
Lactating cow herd 300
 Input L/day  Output L/day
Manure produced to Lagoon 12% solids           19,540
Add Flushing to bring solids to 6%           19,540
Drier solids in storage             7,353 19%
** Recycled % to the barns 50.0%           28,554 73%
TDS concentrate to storage             3,173 8%
Total           39,081           39,081 100%
Annual irrigation potential, Gals., acre.ft.      1,357,218                 4.2
Reduction in freshwater demand 28.0%
Reduction in spreading time and costs 73%
** Drinking water standard, double disinfected, TDS<=500 ppm

Advantages with the ATD Dairy and Pork Manure Management System

At present, any move to expand or consolidate livestock operations has been inhibited by the cost to collect, store, and apply manure nutrients. There are moratoriums on new construction and citizen push back at hearings for new operations and now climate change is making it nearly impossible for some farmers to water their livestock. However, adaptations of existing technology now offer solutions – extract fresh water from the manure daily, reducing farm consumption by up to 50% and prepare everything else for other uses or sale off-site.


  • Reduces Nitrogen losses to volatilization by up to 44%

  • All solids are captured and in above ground storage
  • Can be installed in steps to suit time and budget

  • Time tested equipment from International Suppliers

  • Operates effectively in most climates

  • Can be adapted for digester operations

  • Adapts to installed solids separation equipment

  • Flush pits refilled daily with filtered water

  • Requires less space than biological treatments

  • Automated operation with remote support from suppliers


  • Increases long term soil Nitrogen
  • Lagoon capacity no longer a concern
  • Increased sustainability and the protection of legacy farm values

  • Reduces farm fresh water requirements by up to 50%

  • Reduces field time, compaction and fuel costs

  • Provides opportunity for new cash flow

  • Allows herd expansion on the same acreage if nutrient balance maintained

  • Eliminates slurry application and safety concerns in favour of manure solids and concentrate

  • Daily treatment reduces odours

  • Recognizes improved environmental management and husbandry

  • Improves air quality for healthier animals and staff

  • Reduces exposure to regulatory sanctions and adverse public opinion associated with manure management

Learn how the ATD System Helps Protect the Environment