It looks like Australia’s climate luck is moving to Canada where we will become the breadbasket to the world.

According to the New Scientist map, Australia is fated to be a solar power generator and uranium mining power, but not much else – though Tasmania ought to be livable. Rather than being the “lucky country,” Australia needs to avoid becoming like Brazil, whose Amazon rainforest is depicted on the map with one devastating word: desert.

Canada, meanwhile, has a much greener climatological forecast. According to the map, it is destined to become one of the world’s two centres of subsistence agriculture – farmer to the world. At present, Canada’s population is concentrated along the U.S. border, yet its vast northern expanse is becoming ever more fertile and habitable. Ironically, whereas Australians consider the arid Outback as part of their soul, most Canadians are unfamiliar with their northern territories, thinking of them as a vast emptiness. Yet these areas are incredibly rich in energy and minerals, and home to vast boreal forests of coniferous pine and spruce trees.