ATD Manure Systems Inc.

Founded in 1992, ATD Manure Systems Inc. has been developing sustainable solutions to environmental challenges facing the hog and dairy industries in Canada. Both sectors were incapable of increasing their selling prices so our approach was to create new products to sell or somehow wring out current costs of production.

Today the livestock industry faces challenges in nutrient regulations, climate change and sustainability. Our challenge was to identify the farm processes that were costly and define solutions based on improved outcomes and/or reduced costs – we concentrated on Manure Management .

Defining the Project

The success of your project is based on a detailed analysis of where you are now and where you want to be in the future. We will describe the options and their outcomes to ensure they will meet your needs. With the options identified ATD and ATD’s suppliers will produce a Projected Operation Estimate, an Installation Plan, and Time Line showing its integration with existing processes. This will be developed in consultation with your team of builders and consultants. Upon approval we will ask our supplier’s to install the world-class equipment needed to complete that Plan and run final acceptance trials to complete the project.

Return on Investment

We will work with you to identify the potential for your farm as part of our recommendation and before any commitments are made. So you can see the whole picture.


ATD Manure Systems has now identified the processes that can be integrated to provide robust systems incorporating improved materials, and proven technology in a farm setting and we are proud to be able to present them.  They had to be scalable, apply to hog and dairy manures, raw or digested, run unattended, provide an acceptable ROI, reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s) and fuel consumption, operate in all weather, have a small footprint, and preserve more nutrients in a form that improves their  effectiveness. 

At last, the numbers have come together. We will not make a promise that we cannot deliver.

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