Vancouver,  Nov.20, 2013

ATD Waste Systems Inc. has completed trials of a new membrane bringing nanotechnology into the market place. 

This MITACS sponsored R&D project headed by Professor Takeshi Matsuura, Director of the Industrial Membrane Research Institute at the University of Ottawa and supported by Chaoyang Feng Ph.D. and K.C. Khulbe Ph.D. has created a new membrane that improved on earlier results at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and moved from tubular to a flat sheet format.  This is the final step before moving on to build and install a small scale demo at the Prairie Swine Center near Saskatoon and validates the corporate approach to extract all dissolved nutrients in the liquids from the hog barn in a way that they can supplement the solids going into a balanced fertilizer pellet and produce high quality recycled drinking water for the animals.  The combination of recycled wash water and manure liquids holds promise of reducing water consumption on hog farms by up to 80%