Slide ATD solves one challenge in Livestock Manure Management
by recycling flush and wash water!
Nutrient Management: How do you move
phosphorus off the farm but keep nitrogen?
Water Management:How do you irrigate and
reduce fresh water needs at the same time?
How do you improve quality of surface and aquifer
water sources, eliminate salt water intrusion
and make it all go further?
Digester Implementation: How do you add
a digester and keep all these features?
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ATD solves the challenges of
Livestock Manure Management and
uncovers a new source of fresh water
and reduces GHG’s


ATD’s Manure Management System

ATD has developed a system for the management of livestock manures that is cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. It captures virtually all the solids daily for storage or sale while concentrating the dissolved nutrients by a factor of 10X to leave drinking quality water for use on the farm. This reduces daily fresh water needs and land application costs significantly to produce a pay-back that contributes daily to sustainability. By recycling the water you will have more nutrients per tonne in smaller loads, reducing labor and fuel with more precise application. It operates 365 days a year with minimal intervention.

ATD Manure Management System

ATD Manure Systems Inc., a private company incorporated in British Columbia, designs processes that convert waste products into new uses. The technology solves many serious operational and environmental problems commonly associated with large scale animal operations.

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